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Authentic Hapkido Studio in Venice, FL

Traditional Training

Direct Lineage From GM In W. Kim and Dojunim (Hapkido founder) Ji Han-Jae

No Gimmicks

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Family Packages Available

Enjoying the Journey while learning the Martial Art

Gumdo - Korean Sword Training

Our Chief Instructor

Mr. Miguel Florez currently holds in Hapkido a Sabom-nim rank having over 16 years of comprehensive experience in Sinmoo Hapkido Ryong Moo Kwan and weapons as a direct student from Sabomnim In W. Kim.

Sabom Florez has been practicing Hapkido since 2005. In addition to Hapkido, Sabom Florez is also versed in Okinawan Karate Goju Ryu in which he has been practicing since 1986.

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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido translates as “The Way of Harmonizing the Energy”, redirecting any attack and using the entire body for join control.

Hapkido originated in Korea and is one of worlds most powerful, useful and unique Martial Arts ever in modern history. It was developed during Silla dynasty (B.C. 57 – A.D. 935) before the dynasty united the three kingdoms in the Korean peninsula.

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My experience at Florez Martial Arts has been above and beyond my expectations. Affordability, smaller classes and individualized attention have meant truly learning the skills being taught. I definitely recommend it.

Rachael Gilreath

Sabomnim Florez.

He is more than just an instructor, who gives my son knowledge in Martial Arts.
He is an example of a true Teacher. Professional, strong personality, motivated, goal-oriented and wise. He is demanding and very fair. Kind and strict, cheerful and serious.

To educate a Person – a teacher must be a Person. Sabomnim Florez is the one.
I am grateful for everything.

Nataliya Veshapidze

Amazing facility and incredible Sabomnim! Hapkido was our first introduction to Martial Arts and we’ve been hooked! Sabomnim and Miryam have made us feel like family since our first class last year.

Michaela Foley

Sabomnim Florez is what a great teacher should be, he pays attention to my boys and instructs them on a personal level, really experienced teacher makes the difference when trying to learn what is considered an Art, I will be taking my kids to him as soon as they finish their Taekwondo school.

Alejandro Jimenez Renteria

Sabomnim is doing a fantastic job in connecting with my daughter- not only is he showing and teaching her the art, he is teaching her the culture and lifestyle behind the sport.

Sam DeRose Jr