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What is Hapkido

Hapkido translates as ‘The Way of Harmonizing the Energy’. Redirecting any attack and using the entire body for join control.

Hapkido originated in Korea and is one of worlds most powerful, useful and unique Martial Arts ever in modern history. It was developed during Silla dynasty (B.C. 57 – A.D. 935) before the dynasty united the three kingdoms in the Korean peninsula.

Hapkido it is a highly realistic combative Korean martial art, is one of the powerful self-defense system in the world that employs strikes, kicks, joint manipulations, throws and ground control techniques. Also there is the use of traditional weapons, including short sticks, long sticks, rope, knife, and cane, in addition Hapkido contains both long- and close-range self-defense techniques, utilizing various jumping kicks and hand strikes, at longer range distances, and joint locks, small strikes and throws at closer fighting distances.

Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force, and control of the opponent energy. Also, Hapkido practitioners seek to gain balance by taking advantage through footwork and body positioning, this way it incorporates the use of leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

Dojunim (founder) Ji Han-Jae
(Hapkido / Sinmoo Hapkido / Sinmoo founder)

In 1949, Ji began his martial arts training under the direction of Choi-Yong-Sool until 1956 when he moved to Seoul. Ji Han-Jae also have trained in the ancient methods of the Korean martial arts, known as Sam Rang Do Tae Gi by a man named Taoist Lee, and then he was initiated to meditation techniques and his knowledge by Hahlmohni (grandma) where he was guided on how to develop the open avenues of intuitional knowledge that makes the mind calm and steady and awakens an ecstatic feeling through clarification of ideas needed to develop a strong mind in martial arts, however, the real names of these two remarkable teachers are unknown due to Korean’s ethical culture, Ji never asked them for their names. Taoist Lee taught the use of the Korean long staff Jang-Bong and the unique kicks of Sam Rang Do Tae Gi (Taegiryon).

Hapkido Pioneers

  • Choi Yong-Sool (Yawara/ Aiki-Jujitsu 1904-1986)
  • Ji Han-Jae (Yawara taught by Choi Yong-Sool / Sahmrahngdo Tae Gi – (taught by Taoist Lee)- meditation method taught by Hahlmohni (Grandma)- Hapkido, Sinmoo Hapkido, Sinmoo founder 1936 – current)
  • Seo Bok-Seob / Kim Moo-Hong / Kim Jeong-Yoon / Oh Se=Lim / Yoo Young-Woo / Kim Yong-Jin / Hwang Duk-Kyu / Myong Jae-Nam / Myong Kwang-Sik / Han Bong-Soo / Kim Myong-Ryong / Kwon Tae-Man

Technical Structure of Hapkido

Initially Hapkido adapted a technical part from Yawara/ Daitorye Aikijujitsu which Hapkido founder Ji Han-Jae had learned from Choi Yong-Sool. Later, this system also was combined with kicking and striking techniques from Tae Gi and throwing techniques from Judo and low sweep kick from Kungfu.

Steps / Kicks / strikes / Joint locks / throws / ground controls / weapons